Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sylvia Vetta

Sylvia doesn’t have a dog of her own, so she shares Pythius when we take a walk together. He loves walking with her because she is such a kind and talented woman, with a great knowledge of antiques and superb writing skills.
Sylvia is working on a novel at the moment so our conversations as we walk usually revolve around the novel’s general progress. 

Caroline Cayzer

Caroline Cayzer
Caroline hasn’t got a dog of her own, but often takes her friends dogs out for a walk. She fell for Pythius the moment he jumped into the back of her car and sat there resplendent as if he was about to be driven by a chauffeur. She was also impressed by the way he rushed towards the gates and attempted to open them as we walked the fields and hills surrounding the picturesque Cotswold village of Stanton

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Friends who join Pythius on his walks- Auntie Liz

Auntie Liz

Auntie Liz who has known Pythius since he was a puppy. She was the one who provided the champagne to celebrate his arrival at Rose Cottage and she is the special friend who takes Pythius on long walks when Helen is too busy to pay him the attention he deserves. She is the adventurouss one and gives Pythius some really fun times. Pythius will vouch for the fact that her ball-throwing prowess is second to none.
Actually, if you leave Helen out of the equation, he will also vouch for the fact she is his favourite person in all the world. He really loves her.

Friends who join Pythius on his walks- Auntie Kate

Auntie Kate –  is a volunteer Cotswold warden who comes up with some amazing walks in the Enstone area which Pythius shares with her lovely black Labrador Polly. Pythius adores walking with auntie Kate as she always takes him to some glorious wild spaces where he can run and splash and do all those things a dog likes to do.  He is very fond of Polly-dogs too.

Friends who join Pythius on his walks- Uncle John

Uncle John -  is an intrepid explorer who shares the Paws walks with great enthusiasm and has finally come to appreciate the idiosyncratic ways of a Border collie such as Pythius. When they first met, Pythius realised that Uncle Joh was not a "dog man", but he is now.  In fact they are great friends and Pythiius loves riding in his car, because he knows that he will be taken on a long and exciting walk.

Friends who join Pythius on his walks- Sue Mynal

Sue Mynall – the very talented artist who captures the many amusing moments that take place during the Paws walks.  After each Paws walk, Helen contacts Sue and tells her the funny things that took place during the walk, as each walk has a "special moment that should be recorded".  Sue then creates a stunning picture that captures the moment  perfectly - some of which she has turned into greetings cards which are proving very popular.
View some of Sue's pictures by visiting her website.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Who is Helen Peacocke?

Helen Peacock
Ask Helen who she is and she will shrug her shoulders and mutter something about being a Border collie enthusiast, a good cook, also someone who loves photography and the English countryside. She might even mention her passion for seasonal produce and pubs and the fact that she frequently gives talks about the walks that she and Pythius share.
Actually, there is far more to Helen than that, as you will discover if you decide to share her Paws walks, that she takes regularly with friends and her beloved Border collie, Pythius-Peacocke, which will take you all over Oxfordshire and the heart of the Cotswolds.