Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Lamb & Flag, Hailey

A short winter walk through Community Wood
The Lamb & Flag, Hailey, Oxfordshire
We walked about a mile

Now the white stuff has vanished we are able to visit some of our favourite pubs. This week we chose The Lamb and Flag, Hailey, a glorious little country pub situated in the middle of a very attractive little village about two miles north of Witney.

There were three pubs in Hailey once, now only the Lamb and Flag remains.
The worn flagstones in the main bar bear witness to the countless feet that have walked into this homely little 17th century pub over the years. The many photographs of village football and cricket teams that have used this pub – some dating back to 1929 – suggest it has served the community for some considerable time.
It was good to see that Tom the barman was on duty when we called this week, he is one of those lovely people who remembers the names of his customers and even what they would like to drink. He loves dogs too, which always pleases Pythius. Dogs do like to be recognised and admired by kindly people like Tom, who offer him a bowl of water, and even put extra logs onto the fire to ensure he is warm enough.

The lane to the woods.

The Lamb and Flag

The food is all home cooked and tasty, I enjoyed a pork chop and Auntie Liz tucked into a steaming hot bowl of lamb stew flavoured with Rosemary – these meals were reasonably priced and tasted delicious. Nothing fancy of course, because it is not that kind of pub – everything is basic and of high quality - so what more could we ask for. The other customers eating lunch appeared to be enjoying their meals too.

On leaving the pub we turned left and followed the main road through the village until we arrived at a sign pointing left for the Community Wood. This lovely little wood, which can be found just a short way down a green lane flanked on both sides by hedgerow and trees, was created in 2003 by volunteers of the Wychwood Project. It is as one of Oxfordshire’s Golden Jubilee Wildlife Spaces, and has been planted with a glorious mix of trees and shrubs native to the area, that were once found in the ancient Wychwood Forrest. 

Mud &  leaves  in the lane


We ambled round and through tree lined paths that weave their way through the woods, and Pythius leapt and danced around this glorious space. Yes, it was slightly muddy, but everywhere is at this time of the year – but that’s my only negative comment.. Everything else was perfect.

Pythius is having a bit of a rest.


Pythius says:
How good it was to get out and about again - it seems months since I have run free, followed the scent of Mr Badger, and rolled in  oodles of mud.

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  1. Lovely article, 'Tom the barman' is my sweet grandfather and i will be visiting him in a few weeks time (I live in the US) :) I am very excited to bring my husband to the Lamb and Flag and i myself havent been there since i was a child, now if only i could bring my dog!!!