Friday, 31 August 2012

Pythius visits Southrop

We have visited the Swan, frequently, it's a glorious 17th century inn that stands  in the centre the lovely little Cotswold village of Southrop, which you will find when travelling the A361 that runs from Lechlade to Burford.

Our As it changed hands recently we decided to check it out and make sure that Pythius was still welcome to put his paws under the table as he had previously done. The team running the pub is now headed by Rob  Broadbent who is general manage who comes from Sydney and David  Burke who is head chef. David has a brown Labrador  who is now settling down happily in his new country home.
Obviously  with David being a dog-lover needn't have worried about Pythius being allowed in, he was made very welcome..  Water was offered immediately - all in all he felt very welcome. So did we.
Deciding what to eat was difficult, as we were tempted to try the Old Spot Hash with a Southrop Fried Egg, but in the end we went for the Deep fried Haddock and chips.  It proved as tasty as any fish and chips we have enjoyed  recently.

And the beer? Oh yes, that was fine, how could anyone go wrong with  a glass of beer brewed at Hook Norton.  A half a pint of Old Hooky is the perfect accompaniment when eating well cooked fish and chips

A walk in Southrop is easy, the best one beginning at a little green path  on the left hand side of the road behind the pub,  By walking across the first field you you reach the river, which at this time of the year is crisp and cold.
Pythius loved it, and spent some considerable time wading about among the rushes and splashing about - something he is able to do freely at this time of the year as there are no nesting birds.
Must admit the ground was rather soggy, but this is not unique to Southrop, most walks we take these days call for Wellington boots because the rains have fallen so aggressively.
Pythius doesn't mind it being wet of course, he is a Border collie and built to make the most of everything that the countryside offers him.  A happy dog indeed.