Monday, 19 November 2012

Who is Pythius-Peacocke?

Pythius-Peacocke (Border collie) is now eleven years old.  There are times when he feels older, because living with his mistress Helen Peacocke is not always easy, however, it’s great fun.

Several times a week they share a Paws Walk, so called because Helen writes the walks up for the Paws series of books she has been working on since retiring as a feature writer for The Oxford Times three years ago.

Paws Under the Table, Paws for History and Paws Along the Way, have already been published by Wychwood Press (£9.99) and are proving very popular with dogs and their owners who walk  (or would like to walk) through Oxfordshire countryside and the Cotswolds, calling for a pub meal, a dog biscuit, and a pint along the way.

At the moment Helen is working on Paws for the Cotswolds. This book is almost finished and will be delivered to the publisher Jon Carpenter of Wychwood Press sometime this week.  Helen hopes it will come out late Spring.

Unfortunately there are times when Helen gets it wrong and it is those moments Pythius would like to share with you. He will, however, share some of the positive moments too, if only because Helen goes to such pains to get a walk right that he feels she deserves some praise when everything falls into place.


  1. It looks like you've got that hang of this walking lark Pythius!!

  2. Bryn and I will be looking forward to trying some of these 'Way' walks too :)