Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Pythius meets the Lord Mayor of Oxford

Pythius meets the Lord Mayor of Oxford

Pythius was invited to Radio Cherwell’s studio today which is the radio station manned volunteers, that relays programmes to hospitals throughout the city of Oxford.
He was there to meet the Lord Mayor, Councillor John Goddard, who was taking part in the Monday morning News Programme.

Pythius wants to describe the event.
Gosh the Lord Mayor looked very grand. He arrived wearing a gold chain and his best suit. I am not sure he is a dog-person, but he finally warmed to me when he discovered Helen and I have a regular slot on Radio Cherwell. It is called Paws for Patients, and is broadcast to people in Oxford hospitals twice a week. Our task when recording this programme with the station's chairman Neil Stockton, is to try and encourage people in hospital to venture forth into the fresh air and enjoy the countrysiide when they return home. 

Pythius is the fluffy one at the bottom of the picture

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  1. Oh my goodness Pythius, I can see we will have to be addressing you as Sir Pythius before much longer!