Saturday, 11 September 2010

The car has broken down!

Pythius explains:
Oh dear - Helen was having so much fun adding our walks to the bog - but things have gone wrong!
My mobile dog-kennel which  takes Helen, me and her friends to hard-to-find places where we can have a nice walk, has broken down.
The mobile dog-kennel driving through a storm encountered last year  - as pictured by the talented artist Sue Mynall.

Helen and I were travelling back from Witney, having visited her mother who is in nursing home. We got within  a quarter of a mile from home when a loud and alarming banging sound errupted from underneath the car and the engine sounded as if it was not happy.
 She pulled one of those panic faces that I have come to recognise as "car break down" and carefully navigatged it to a safe place off the main road, before contacting those nice men from the AA.
I won't go into the details, as they require me to understand the car-speak these nice men use - which I don't. Enough to say Helen had to suffer the indignity of being towed to the nearby Eynsham garage run by Mr Bruno, who has promised Helen that he will keep her vintage Mini on the road for as long as she desires to drive it.
As it all happened on a Saturday and Mr Bruno closes on Saturday afternoon, it will have to stay parked there until Monday morning.
The AA man was so kind . Having helped Helen park the car, he drove her back home, which saved her a 15 minute walk.
There was a time when she only had to call the AA when she had left her lights on and the battery had run down - now the car is getting older and older she is calling them out for more serious "happenings".
All I can say is thank goodness she paid for extra cover which pays for any main part that breaks down.
Lets hope that that kindly Mr Bruno can fix it.  I have my paws crossed and every faith in his abillities.
Not sure when I will be in touch yet fellows, hope you understand that much depends on acquiring parts for the Mini and Mr Bruno's ability to keep her car on the road. I'll be in touch as soon as possible, so best wishes from Pythius-Peacocke  (Border Collie) who will only be walking round Eynsham for the next few days.

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