Saturday, 11 September 2010

Picking the blackberries to make wine

Blackberry Picking at Clifton near Deddington

Pythius says:
Helen hasn't got time to write  the blog today, as she is busy making blackberry wine, so she has asked me to make a comment or two about our walk yesterday.
Actually it was quite fun as we walked a leafy lane in the company of Helen's special friend Tei Williams and her lovely dog called Cane who I get on with very well.
While the girls scrambled about  in the hedge - continually getting stuck in the brambles - Cane and I had fun running up and down the lane looking for rabbits.  We didn't find any - I guess we hadn't really expected to -  but it kept us amused for some considerable time.
Helen picked enough blackberries to make a whole demijon of wine and is now turning the rest into a pie for dinner. (Click to see Helen's recipes)
The next picture is of the wine she made earlier - it will take about six months to settle before she can open it up and share a glass or two with friends. At the moment she is drinking rhubarb and ginger wine she made in the spring.
The wine Helen made earlier

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