Friday, 24 June 2011

The Witney Book Festival

The Witney Book Festival

Pythius Says:
Perhaps you would like to know that Helen and I took part in the first Witney Book festival last week - what fun we had. It was the first festival that Witney has ever staged, but be assured it will not be the last!

We were allowed to give our talk in the Tap Room at Wychwood Brewery where our guests were offered glasses of Oxford Gold, Hobgoblin and several other very tasty beers brewed by Wychwood, which stands in the heart of Witney. They were given a tour of the brewery too, though sadly I wasn't allowe to join that as I am a Border collie. If you arrive at this attractive little market town first thing in the morning when the wind is in the right direction you can smell the aroma of malt wafting through the town.

We were offered this space by the brewery because they respect my knowledge of a good brew and the fact I am a member of CAMRA.  I am also a member of the British Beer Writers Guild, because I help Helen write our books, which as you can imagine is something I am particularly proud of.  Some people laugh and shake their heads in disbelief when I tell them this - "How can a Border collie write a book?" they say. I don't even bother to answer that question, because I know and Helen knows just how much I contribute to our books, particularly Paws Along The Way which was published a couple of weeks ago.
                    If  you would like me to appear at your book festival do contact Helen on - we make a great double act.

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