Monday, 4 July 2011

The Cotswold Wildlife Park

The Cotswold Wildlife Park, Burford.

When our rusty old mini turns off the A361, two miles from Burford and through the gates of the Cotswold Wildlife Park , Pythius shows distinct signs of excitement. His ears go up, his tail wags and he starts to prepare to get out of the car even though it is still moving. Keeping him calm at this stage is difficult for despite having to be kept on a lead throughout his visit, it seems to rate as one of his favourite places.

It's not commonly known that dogs are allowed into this park, most of my friends are surprised to discover that they are welcome along with their masters. But Pythius knows he is welcome and responds accordingly.

First we visit the lions, safely contained within their superb enclosure where they have loads of room to roam and lie in somnolent poses against the glass that divides them from the visitors. As Pythius lives with two small domestic cats, he sees them as a larger version of his fluffy friends at home, and watches them roam their territory with fascination.

The little train that travels through the park is dog-friendly too and he jumps on eagerly as this gives him a chance to travel past the grazing camels and so many other animals that fascinate him.

When we get to the penguin enclosure he is mesmerized - as he is when we come to tother animals who watch him watching them. It is all such fun.

The grounds are beautifully laid out, it is rather like walking through a beautifully designed park.

I accept that this is not one of our normal walks, but Pythius loves it as much as we do and your walk round the wildlife park can be as long or as short as you want it to be,

Pythius says: We visit this park often, I love it, so many different animals to talk to. The giant tortoises for example, they put their noses to the fence and let me talk to them and the monkeys who swing from high branches laugh at me as I pass by. All stimulating stuff for an inquisitive Border collie like me.

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