Sunday, 29 May 2011

Paws Along The Way is published!

Third Paws Book - now published and available.
Paws Along The Way by Helen Peacocke and her Border Collie Pythius-Peacocke - Wychwood Press £9.99 has  finally been published and should be in the shops on Tuesday May31st.  It can be ordered (post free) through Wychwood Press    

This book is another collection of dog-friendly pubs and walks in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds, that should delight walkers who enjoy taking companionable walks with their dogs and relax in traditional pub that serves tasty food and fine British ale. The walks are not long, some are only a mile or two though some  allow you to walk as far as you wish before turning round and heading for home.
Some  of the Ways featured in this,Helen's third book, are ancient trade routes dating from the Roman period or beyond.  Many such as the Windrush Way, The Oxford Green Belt Way and the Warden's Way, however have been created quite recently and link old routes with bridleways and footpaths. There are times when you may find yourself walking two ways at once, particularly when travelling along routes such as Shakespear's Way, which joins  paths that Shakespeare may have taken when journeying from Stratford-upon-Avon to the Globe Theatre, London.
Although Helen has written a great deal of the book, Pythius-Peacocke has his say too, adding little comments and details that only a Border collie would notice.
Oxford artist Sue Mynall brings extra life to the book with her superb sketches that highlight those special moments that cry out to be shared.
Helen and Pythius will have a little rest now this book is finished, then begin working on their next book which will be named Paws for the Cotswolds.

Pythius says:
Pythius looking for Cotwold stories
Having helped Helen finish our third Paws book, I must admit that I am finally getting the hang of this writing lark and finding it great fun.  Once we have had a bit of a rest, we will begin  combing the Cotswolds for scenic dog-friendly spots and more dog-friendly pubs, many of which we will mention on this blog from time to time.