Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee celebrations with our Aussie friends

Jubilee celebrations with our Aussie friends Graham and Roe from Melbourne
Pythius says:

Our lovely friends who have come to stay this weekend.
 "Gosh what an exciting weekend I am having. Helen's special friends Graham and Ro from Melbourne are stopping for the weekend before they go on to Scotland. They even asked me to choose a local pub where we could enjoy a plate of English fish and chips. I chose The Hand and Shears, Church Handborough, which is featured in my first Paws book - Paws Under the Table.
They toasted the Queen with Jubilee beer and I raised my water bowl to celebrate the occasion.  What fun we had.

Pythius sitting by the fire at the Hand and Shears.
 We are now off to enjoy the village lunch street party in Eynsham Square - will tell you all about it when I get back."

The Street Party
"Oh dear - the weather got in the way!
It proved so wet, cold and windy that that organisers decided to  hold it in the church, instead of the village  square. Because of these changes I was left at home to look after the cottage while Helen, Graham and Ro made their way to the party armed with beer, bottles of wine, cucumber sandwiches, spam sandwiches and lots of little cakes. Helen explained that it was very, very crowded and such a lovely atmosphere as everyone was there. The Eynsham Morris team danced outside when it stopped raining.
Most people dressed for the occasion, sporting wearing union flag hats. Helen didn't have a hat, but she wore her union flag apron and was smiling a lot when she got home, so were her lovely friends who let me share their room when they went to bed later that night.
Some the Eynsham Morris toasting the Queen

Our vicar Morey Adams

I am enclosing a picture that Helen took of the vicar while they were there. As you can see from the people in the background it seemed as if the whole village had  joined in the fun and toasted the health of her majesty.

Our friends have gone now. As I write they are making their way to Scotland where they aim to meet up with their son Adam and have a lovely time sight seeing, before going back to London and then Ireland. I shall miss them! They were very kind to me, particularly when I chose to sleep in their room instead of with Helen."

Pythius-Peacocke, Border collie.