Thursday, 4 November 2010

Asthall - The Maytime Inn - The River Windrush

Asthall – The Maytime Inn– Windrush River Walk
(7 miles if you walk the whole way to Minster Lovell and back)

There was a real chill in the wind today, dark clouds warned us that rain was in the air and a very dangerous stile caused us to change direction – but otherwise it was a great day.
We began our walk from Asthall, (one mile east of Burford) which dates back to Roman days, stopping for lunch in the Maytime Inn that stands in the centre of this attractive little Cotswold hamlet.

The Maytime Inn

I like the fact that this delightful pub is named after May and Tim who bought the building in 1975 and restored it whilst retaining as many of its original features as possible. They have run it as a successful and popular pub ever since. It has the ambiance of a chic restaurant and the appearance of a country cottage.
We  love it because dogs are welcome here and can even sit in the dinning area. We also love it because the home-cooked food is so good, and surprisingly well priced – a two course lunch at the moment costing just £10.99 - which given the excellent standard of cooking is amazing. I would recommend this dog-friendly pub to anyone seeking refreshments whilst exploring this delightful little hamlet with their canine.

Delicious Mushroom omelette as main course

Prawn starter

We had intended to walk towards nearby Swinbrook along a Roman Way Perhaps we would have done so had we not faced a veryt stile which was not dog friendly. We encountered it  the other side of the old bridge that spans the River Windrush to the left of the pub.

The muddy steps the other side

 The metal bar  fixed above this stone stile suggested real danger if Pythius didn’t raise his legs high enough when jumping over, so we climbed down steps that led us to the footpath to the right and took us along the River Windrush. This well walked footpath would have taken us to Minster Lovell had we been prepared to walk 3 ½ miles there and back.
The River Windrush
We weren’t – it was far too cold. So we just ambled along this glorious little river that meanders through the countryside for about a mile or so, returning to Asthal feeling exhilarated and refreshed. This is kingfisher country, wild geese use this river too.

Pythius has his say:

The dangerous stile

What a pub! Gosh what a welcome I was given and what a lovely warm carpet I was allowed to curl up on while the girls enjoyed their luxury lunch.
May and Tim the proprietors are great people and really do know how to make a fellow feel comfortable.
As to the walk – well I agree with the girls – that first stile was dangerous. Actually the entrance to the river path the other side was not much better,as there are steep steps that just had to be navigated if I was to get a river walk.  Because it was a wet day, they were both muddy and slippery. But I managed of course, I always do because I am a Border collie.

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  1. Have enjoyed the ambiance of the Maytime Inn several times now and it never ceases to please from the lovely staff and delicious food to the setting itself. Look forward to more visits.