Saturday, 5 February 2011

Pythius has booked a holiday!

                                                         Pythius has booked his holiday!

Pythius has already packed his suitcase
Now that Pythius and I have completed 35 chapters of our next  book Paws Along the Way, which will be published late Spring, we decided to organise our 2011 holiday.
Obviously we had to find a dog-friendly place where Pythius could run free and enjoy all the doggie activities he has come to expect over the years, which include dog-friendly beaches, wood and river walks and a garden he can run around in before going to bed.

We finally decided to book a luxury dog-friendly cottage at Helsbury Park, North Cornwall, which is close to Bodmin Moor and a spectacular South West Coastal Path, that will turn "walkies" into a real adventure. The cottages stand alongside a 100 acres of back garden, so there is space in abundance for everyone.
As the accommodation has a five star rating, and provides me with the chance to kick off my shoes and put my feet up  in front of a roaring fire, or wallow in a steaming bath after a long dog walk to the river and back, it offers absolutely everything that humans need too.
Spacious kitchens and dining areas make these cottages special.

As this holiday will mean I have time to enjoy some real cooking in a  farmhouse kitchen using fresh local ingredients - I'm really looking forward to creating dishes that call for a generous garnish of Cornish cream.  I am also looking foward to cooking with  freshly caught local fish.

Pythius says:
What can I possibly say, except that I am really, really excited.  We won't be going on holiday until  the autumn, but that doesn't matter, it gives me something wonderful to look forward to.

Look at that wonderful space!
Imagine being able to  open the back door onto all that space, with a river not far away. And the food too - apparently I can order special doggie food if I want to - though I doubt that Helen will allow that as she insists I stick to my Butchers Superior dog food, which I must admit is delicious.
As the cottage can accommodate quite a lot of people I am hoping we can persuade Auntie Liz, Auntie Kate and perhaps Uncle John to come too.
Gosh isn't this exciting, particularly as Dog Walkie maps are supplied, which means that the girls won't get lost (as they usually do) when we begin exploring.
Apparently Helen got the information on Helsbury Park by going to:

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