Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Still no car so we took a local walk

Pythius wants to talk about the"village walk"he's been taking every day lately
The Fishpond area - Eynsham - half a  mile circular walk
The Newlands Pub, Newlands Street, Eynsham.

Unfortunately my mobile dog-kennel is still at the garage waiting for the new parts to arrive. This means it may take a couple of days before Helen and I are able to leave the boundaries of the Oxford village of Eynsham where we live.

The good news is that the AA insurance will cover not just the cost of the parts, but the labour too, so Helen is a happy bunny.

While we wait I have been restricted to village walks and more village walks. Today I actually had to put up with THREE walks in the same place. Yes three! Whilst I do love walking round the village, must admit the same walk taken three times in one day can get a bit boring. No new smells, nothing new to see nothing new to explore.

As we approached the Fish Pond area for the second time today I was tempted to give a big yawn and suggest we caught a bus and went somewhere else.
Perhaps I would have done that if Helen hadn’t had guests – Roy & Kate Cooper – friends of long standing who now live on a Greek island.

 Watching them looking round at everything we passed, while listening to Helen explain things of historical interest, it suddenly dawned on me that people who don’t walk this area every day may find it an enchanting little place.

Roy and Kate on the
Fish Pond  Heritage trail

The Fish Pond area, which we reach by walking down the Station Road is certainly exceptionally beautiful during the autumn when the leaves are turning gold and it is decorated with all manner of coloured berries that attract loads of birds.
The little stream that runs besides the path often attracts kingfishers too, which is something I don’t quite understand as I have never seen any fish in the stream, perhaps they just visit because it is a nice wild place where they can rest in peace?

If you press the following link to the Eynsham website you will learn all about the fish pond which dates back to the time when Eynsham had an abbey and the monks stocked their fish ponds with trout for their dinner.

With the  help of the Wychwood Project led by Nick Mottram and a group of enthusiastic Eynsham volunteers, work restoring this area began in 2003. Together they have now turned a neglected wilderness into a great walking area, which includes a picturesque expanse of open water in which I can splash about.
Roy and Kate thought it was all very beautiful.

The Fish pond in all its glory

We walked on after taking the circular path round the pond, to The Newlands Inn, Newland Street, where I am always welcome.
We were served by the lovely Eileen who knows just how to pour a pint and make a dog feel welcome.
Helen and Roy went for the Wychwood Brewery’s September ale called Bountiful, which is brewed just six miles away at the bustling little market town of Witney. As Helen says, you can't get more local than that.

Kipper & John Russell

Bountiful is a  glorious chestnut coloured ale with a beautiful creamy head and an aroma  suggestive of the fruits of autumn.  Helen rates it highly, but refuses to give me a taste. All I ever get to drink is water, water and more water even though I am a member of CAMRA.
The Lovely Eileen
While Helen, Roy and Kate tucked into their lunch, I trotted over to have a little chat with my Jack Russell friend Kipper and his master John Russell. As Kipper is a really small doggie, he gets to sit on a barstool next to his master. I tried that once – but the stool and I parted company as soon as I leapt towards it. It all ended in disaster and rates as one of those moments I would prefer to forget.
Kate and Roy have gone home now which is a shame because they are great company. Never mind, they will be back soon.

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